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Volume Number 8, September 2021

-------- A S P I R A R E --------
An International Journal of Commerce & Management

Gunjan Bansal

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Industry 4.0

Juin Ghosh Sarkar
Tuhin Mukherjee
Isita Lahiri

Discovering Online Buying Behaviour of Customers for Home Appliances

Manoj Kumar

Zimbabwe: An Eco-political Analysis

Priyanka Arya
Neelam Jain

Sources of Stress Among College Faculty Members: A Study of Selected Faculty Members Working in Haryana

Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

Paradigm Shift of CSR Practices During COVID -19

Ruchika Ramakrishnan

Marketing Research Ethics: A Literature Survey

Tejasi Shah

Rainwater Harvesting: Utility for Delhi