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Volume Number 7, September 2020

-------- A S P I R A R E --------
An International Journal of Commerce & Management

Stuti Gupta
Amrendra Kumar Singh

Covid-19: An Insight into the Indian Banking Sector

Ruchika Ramakrishnan
Ruchi Ahuja

Sustainable Movement: Atmanirbhar (Self-Reliant) Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Tejasi Shah
ILa Bhushan Jain

Mandatory CSR: Revisiting Trusteeship

Noopur Agrawal
Prachi Agrawal

Why are i-Phones Unpopular in India? A Detailed Study on a Downfall of a Trllion Dollar Company in a Country of Billions

Rajendra Kumar Joshi
Nishikant Jha
Shivprasad Dongare
Krishna Gupta

Impact of Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance on Economic Growth of India

Surbhi Gupta
Sanjeev Verma
Kuldeep Sharma
Ritesh Gupta

A Study on Tax Planning in Respect of Wealth Creation of Individual Assesse

Tuhin Mukherjee
Avik Chattopadhaya

Suitability of Neural Network for Capital Market Forecasting: A Case Study with Stock of Crop Infrastructure Corporation

Neelu Grover
Ashok Kumar

Gender Perspective of Work Life-Balance: With Special Reference to Hospital Nurses Working in India

Gautam Prasad
Ankita Rajput

An Analysis of Pre Merging Evaluation of Ten Indian Public Sector Banks

Ms. Uma
Dr. Rashmi Kapoor

Doubly Unorganized: A Comparative Study of Women of South Africa and India Engaged in Informal Sector