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Volume Number 5, September 2018

-------- A S P I R A R E --------
An International Journal of Commerce & Management

Malgorzata Marchewka

The Effects and Determinants of Multitasking

Tuhin Mukherjee
& Mamataj Khatoon

Diffusion & Impact of Brexit News on Stock Markets in Asia

Dr. Roli Raghuvanshi

Sanitation at the Forefront of National Consciousness:
(A Journey From Infamous Records to a Remarkable Success)

Dr. Prateek Gupta
Dr. Deepa
Dr. Sunil Kumar

Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA) of Chinese Toy Market in India

Ms. Swina Ghai

Nationalism in South Africa and India: A Comparative Analysis

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

Reinventing CSR: Philanthropy to Companies Act