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Volume Number 3, September 2016

-------- A S P I R A R E --------
An International Journal of Commerce & Management

Rashmi Rai

Organisational Factors Affecting Employee Job Performance:
An Empirical Study

Ritesh Gupta, Gopal Jadhav
& Sunil Kumar

Application of Activity Based Costing and Economic Value
Added in Indian Corporates

Stuti Gupta

Measuring The Productivity of Indian Public Sector Banks: An
Application of Data Envelopment Analysis

Anupam Agarwal
Roli Raghuvansi

Foreign Direct Investment & Sectoral Growth in India:
Analysis of Select Period

D. B. Singh, Pankaj Chauhan
& Mohit Agarwal

Contemplation of Common Concerns Related to Brand and
Customer Relationship Management

Surender Singh
Seema Mahlawat

Financial Inclusion Among Rural Households in Southern
Haryana: A Cross- Sectional Study

Neetu Gupta

An Analysis of Indian Banking Sector on the basis of Capital Adequacy Norms

Prahlad Kumar Bairwa

Food Security in the BRICS Countries and New Development Bank

Case Study
S. C. Sharma
Bhavna Chhabra

Leadership Style of Dr. Raghuram G. Rajan in the Field of
Monetary Policy: A Case Study

Book Review
Ila Bhushan Jain

The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility in India