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Volume Number 2, September 2015

-------- A S P I R A R E --------
An International Journal of Commerce & Management

Ruchika Ramakrishnan
& Anupama Vohra

Do Dimensions of Brand Trust Really Exist?
An Empirical Study of Select Service Brands in India

Sanjiv Mittal, Lata Rani
& Sunil Kumar

M&A’s in the Indian Banking Sector - Strategic and Financial Implications

Roli Raghuvanshi

FDI based Industralisation and Regional Imbalance: Evidence from Indian States

Vijayalaxmi Rajendran

Effect of Formal Mentoring on the Subjective Measures of Performance in IT Industry in India

Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
& Alka Agarwal

CSR - A Tool for Social Development: A Study of SAIL

Rekha Kashyap

From Traditional to E-Marketing: Issues and Challenges

Manoj Kumar
& Abhishek Kumar

Monetary Transmission to Stock Market in India: A Regime Switching Approach

Case Study
Noopur Agrawal

Assassination & Reincarnation of a Brand in Indian Noodle

Case Study
Priti Jagwani

Analyzing Instant Messaging Applications for Threats: WhatsApp Case Study

Book Review
Ila Bhushan Jain

CSR and Sustainability: From the Margins to the Mainstream